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We at AVIK Automation provide Home Automation solutions for your home in collaboration with Cubical Labs, an IIT Guwahati funded company. We are pioneer in providing this service in Eastern UP. We connect your home appliances with your mobile without touching your existing Electrical wiring at very reasonable price compared to any other competitor in Market.
We do offer premium guarantee on our all products without any additional cost for initial one year. So please visit us for a demo presentation or invite us at your home for a live demo.
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Voice Controlled Smart Home Voice

Voice Controlled Smart Home Voice

You can access your home over voice. AVIK Home Automation features enables you to access your home with the help of Google Home, amazon Alexa and other Voice controlled devices. You can turn ON/OFF a devices or multiple devices just over your voice.
Mood Lighting

Mood Lighting

With AVIK Home Auto-mation, you can now set the brightness of your dimmable lights, this not only saves a huge amount of elec-tricity but also gives a boost to your home aesthetics.


Now you don’t have to worry about missing im-portant tasks. You take care of your important task by setting up schedules on your appliances so that you don’t have to it. Just set the schedule and you are tension free of switching ON/OFF an appliance at a certain time. It also saves a significant amount of energy and a lot of your time.

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